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From: Al Schwartzer
Subject: Fantasy with super come true (and more)During this past summer, 2 fantasies came true within couple of days of
each other. When I told a friend of mine about them, he suggested I should
share them, so here we go.I have been living in the same apartment for 9 years, so I have seen my
share of doormen, supers assistants, exterminators, etc come and go. The
majority have been nothing free legal lolita pics to look at, as I like older men and most of them
are young, though a couple of them had caught my eye. At the same time, I
didn't think it best to have anything to do with any of them.Around March of this year, we were introduced to our new super, Henry. He
was exactly the man that absolutely turns me on. Late 50's, about 5' 10",
short white hair, clean shaven and glasses.Actually, that meant the whole crew working the building was pretty hot, as
the doorman and the exterminator were nothing to sneeze at either. I think
I had fantasized about each of them at some point.Many a night I would come home late, and you would still see Henry going
around the building, making sure all doors were locked. I live on the first
floor, so I would either see him naked young nubiles lolita or hear him.One night I came home with several packages. I opened the door, and put all
my groceries away. There was no baseball on TV, so I decided to watch some
porno involving older men that I had bought a few weeks ago but hadn't had
a chance to watch.Totally concentrated on the movie I was watching, i never heard a
sound. Suddenly, I turned to my left, and there was Henry, my keys in his
hand, his eyes glued to the TV.- "Hi Al" he said. "Sorry, but you preteen lolitas nn bbs left your keys on the door, i called
your name, but you didn't answer. Just wanted to make sure everything was
OK".-" Oh, it is". As I spoke, I realized the tape was still running, so I
reached for the remote.-" Al, you really don't have to stop. I have been watching for a lolis exclusive portal com couple of
minutes, and that's not bad".I really didn't know what to say. All I could do at that particular second
was just stare at his crotch, which was obviously hiding an erection. When
he saw me looking, he just abruptly said " Would you like to have it?" At
the same time, he was already unzipping his pants. I could do nothing but go kneel in front of him, I slowly helped him take
his fully erect dick out and started to slowly wrap my tongue around its
head. All he could do was moan and throw his head back, as I took more and
more of his dick into my mouthHe then took his left hand, and grabbed the back of my head, while his hips
started to slowly naked young nubiles lolita at first, then faster and faster, fuck my mouth. I
thought I was just dreaming, until he took his other hand, grabbed my head
with it as well, and letting out a huge groan started coming in my mouth.As we both laid on my couch for a few "recovery" minutes, he told me
"Before I forget, the exterminator will be by on Saturday morning.. Make
sure you are home."I was always there the first of the month for that reason, so I didn't make
much of it.Saturday morning came, and there was a knock at the door. It was Henry.-" Are you busy?"-" I am not. Just waiting for Carl (the exterminator)".-" Good. How a bout a second round, in your bedroom" Henry suggested.I wasn't about to say no, so I led the way, while Henry locked the door.For the first time, my lips and his met. Kissing this man was so hot, I
felt like I was short of breath. He proceeded to take of his pants, and sat
at the foot of the bed. I knelt in front of him, and started to slowly kiss
the inside of his thigh, moving slowly but surely up toward his crotch.Once I got there, I worked slowly on his dick, the way he liked it. I
looked up to him a couple of times, and although he was obviously enjoying
himself, he had the appearance of looking past me.Finally, after the same thing happened again, I took a peak behind
me. There, naked and with a big hard on was Carl, the
exterminator. Obviously, he had been watching for a while.-" How did, you..I mean..." I wasn't quite sure what to say.-" I left the door open for him, I thought you might enjoy the surprise"
Henry said.As Henry spoke, Carl got behind me, and wrapped his left arm around me,
while his right hand stroked his dick against the cheeks of my ass.- " Al, are you good enough to please both of us at the same time" asked
HenryAs he said this, I could feel Carl start fingering my ass.Wow. This was more than i had ever imagined, but the chance of everything
coming together again was probably rare, so I went back to work on Henry's
dick, while making sure my ass was spread for Carl.Slowly, Carl put in all of his tool inside me, At the same time, Henry
started to fuck my face again, the way he had the first time. At the same
time, Carl started to rhythmically fuck my ass. I could swear at one point,
they had it perfectly worked so that one went in while the other went out,
and vice versa.Henry came first, with his now famous groan. As he was now done, he just
sat at the head of the bed, while I climbed higher on to it. Having Henry
watch was more than Carl could take, as he now started pounding me for all
it was worth.Just when I thought I might not be able to take any more, Carl just started
trembling and hugged me really tight, shooting his load without a sound.As the 3 of us looked at each other, we knew the first Saturday of the
month would never be the same again.Al"You don't stop playing because you get old.You get old because you stop playing".
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